How to Choose an Applicator that Makes Consultations Easy

Posted by Sarah Dutcher on October 12, 2020

Consultations at big box pharmacies usually involve the pharmacist quickly reading off the directions and maybe some possible side-effects. Independent pharmacies typically set aside more time for patient interactions; this is especially true for...

How to Choose the Wrong Suppository Mold

Posted by Sarah Dutcher on August 14, 2020

Although suppositories and troches have been around for decades, and your pharmacy has been compounding them for a long while, there’s been a recent boom of new suppository mold and troche mold options. Reusable compounding molds can be a monetary...

5 Reasons to Own R.D. Troche Molds

Posted by Sarah Taylor on July 15, 2019

How Do I Give Medicine to My Cat Without Getting Scratched

Posted by Sarah Taylor on May 17, 2019

There may come a time in your cat’s life when you’ll have to give them medication; whether it be for an infection, to treat thyroid or anxiety, or even to help alleviate pain. If your vet calls for a medication to be administered in your cat’s ear,...

5 Ways to Improve Your Compounding Margins

Posted by Sarah Taylor on February 12, 2019

1. Enhance your production.

Explore ways that your pharmacy can make the same production cycle product, but faster! Evaluate whether your pharmacy is maximizing efficiency or not, for both your pharmacy and your patients. There are probably a few...

Compounding Under USP 800

Posted by Sarah Taylor on November 09, 2018


Are you relieved by the the U.S. Pharmacopia pushing back the enforcement date for Chapter <800> to December 1, 2019? Compliance can mean expensive renovation, changes in protocol, and is even pushing some pharmacies to discontinue compounding....