How Do I Give Medicine to My Cat Without Getting Scratched

Posted by Sarah Taylor on May 17, 2019

There may come a time in your cat’s life when you’ll have to give them medication; whether it be for an infection, to treat thyroid or anxiety, or even to help alleviate pain. If your vet calls for a medication to be administered in your cat’s ear, it’s natural you might be a little nervous. Cats are notorious for hissing, hiding, or scratching when they feel threatened or during a confrontation. Even after you’ve successfully given their medication, they can give you a death glare. Using a syringe isn’t helpful either, because the lines are hard to read, especially when you are struggling with your cat. It can get messy, and you might not be able to give the right amount.

After a few days and multiple attempts of trying to apply medication to my cat Lucky’s ear with a syringe from the vet’s office, I dreaded having to hold my cat while measuring the medication because it would inevitably spill or I would push out the incorrect amount, and I’d be left with wasted medication that I could’ve given to my cat. On top of that, I’d have to clean up the mess afterwards and be careful not to get the medication on myself.

Once I started using TICKERmini from a local compounding pharmacy, I found that it was capable of packing medication inside the container without any of it spilling out. It became so much easier for me to give Lucky’s medication because I didn’t have to draw up any medication or go through the pain of cleaning any mess! All I had to do was turn the dial at TICKERmini’s base to the number of clicks that my vet instructed. Lucky’s prescription was for 0.1mL, which was just two clicks, and it came out without any problems. Once the medication came out from the top, I used a finger cot to swipe it and rub on the inside of Lucky’s ear. I found that this method prevented any spillage or possible transfer of the medication because I had full control of dispensing and application in her ear. I would put Lucky on my lap and trick her into thinking I was just petting her and start massaging her ears, which made her so much more relaxed when receiving medication. It truly did the trick into applying her medication without her swatting at me and hiding.